General Terms and Conditions of DéDé Ladyfit

1.    Registration

•    You can register with DéDé Lady Fit by filling in the form in full, signing it and handing it in to the teacher/instructor of the lesson in question.
•    The registration fee is € 7,50.

2.    Membership, membership period and terms and conditions of payment

•    DéDé Lady Fit membership can start at any time.
•    When the registration starts the tuition fee is based on the following: 
o    start on a date up to the 15th of the month = a whole month's tuition fee;
o    start on a date on or after the 16th of the month = a half month's tuition fee.
•    Amount of the tuition fee:
o    1x per week: € 26,- per month
o    2x per week: € 45,- per month
o    Unlimited: € 59,- per month
o    Block booking card for 10 lessons: € 70,-
•    All amounts are payable and exigible in advance. The tuition fee/registration fee can be paid by direct debit on the 1st of the month.
•    The DéDé Dance discount schemes do not cover DéDé Lady Fit.
•    You can cancel every month by sending an email to The mail must be received by us up to and including the 20th of the month.
•    If you cancel too late, you will be charged for the subsequent month.
•    If we do not receive the payable amount on time, for example as a consequence of reversal of payment or an insufficient balance, an attempt will be made to collect the amount on the next collection date. 
o    An amount of € 7.50 will then be charged for administration costs. 
o    The pupil will then have 2 weeks to pay the due amount. 
o    If the pupil fails to pay the amount after these 2 weeks, the direct debit will be stopped and an invoice will be drawn up for the outstanding tuition fee. The related costs are € 4.50 per invoice.
•    Refunds are not possible in the event of absenteeism due to illness or for other reasons. It is possible to catch up on any lessons missed. You should then consult with teacher/instructor, or contact the head office.

3.    Lessons and training sessions

•    You have to book a training session via
•    A minimum number of 4 reservations is required for a group lesson. A group lesson will be cancelled if there are fewer reservations.
•    DéDé Dance reserves the right to change the times and location of lessons.

4.    Dress code
•    Sports clothing and indoor shoes are required during the training sessions.

5.    Privacy

•    By signing this registration form you give us permission to use photographic and film material featuring you or your child for DéDé Dance's communication and internal coaching purposes.
•    By signing the registration form you are also signing up to receive the monthly meDéDéling email newsletter. This contains all the DéDé news that is important for our students and their parents.
•    You can read our privacy statement on our website:

6.    Temporary stop

•    It is only possible to stop paying the tuition fee temporarily in consultation with the DéDé Dance head office.
•    Tuition fee payments can be stopped for a maximum of 3 months.
•    Temporary freezing of your subscription is only possible in case of: injury, surgery or pregnancy

7.    Termination

•    You can cancel every month by sending an email to The mail must be received by us up to and including the 20th of the month. 

8.    Risk and liability

•    Attending a programme or lessons and/or activities at DéDé BV, trading under the name of DéDé Lady Fit, is entirely at your own risk.
•    DéDé BV, trading under the name of DéDé Lady Fit, cannot accept any liability for material or immaterial loss or damage as a consequence an accident or injury to the student.
•    DéDé BV, trading under the name of DéDé Lady Fit, cannot accept any liability for damage to, the loss of, or the theft of student property.

9.    House rules

•    Students are expected to be familiar with the DéDé Dance house rules and to act accordingly.
•    The general terms and conditions of DéDé Dance can be found on the website: 

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