Summer Dé Camp 2021

We may not be allowed to stay, but that doesn't mean that Zoemetje can't throw a pajama party! Are you coming to Zoemetje's pyjama party during Summer Dé Camp? 
During this day you will learn a cool dance, make a cool movie and of course we will have lots of time for fun games! Of course we will end the day with a great evening.

All students of DéDé Dance up to 12 years old.

The DéDé balletschool in Veldhoven at the Blaarthemseweg 6

Based on the groups of the school classes.
July 24       Group 0-1-2                          August 28         Group 0-1-2
July 25      Group 3-4-5                          August 29        Group 3-4-5
July 26      Group 6-7-8                          August 30        Group 6-7-8
July 27      Group 0-1-2                          August 31        Group 0-1-2
July 28      Group 3-4-5                          September 1   Group 3-4-5
July 29      Group 6-7-8                         September 2   Group 6-7-8
30 July      Group 3-4-5 3                       September.     Group 3-4-5
31 July      Group 0-1-2
August 1   Group 3-4-5

The day will start between 10:00 and 11:00 and end between 18:00 and 19:00. The exact times will be announced later.

The cost for Summer Dé Camp is € 25,- per day.


You can register for Summer Dé Camp from May 25th onwards, but don't wait too long because full = full.


Summer Dé Camp 2021


Register now for Summer Dé Camp and order your Buzz toy for only €40,- instead of €44,95! Cuddly toy will be delivered as soon as possible via the DéDé Dance lesson. 




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