Traditional ballet class 
with a hip twist

Learning to dance and having fun is what every class at DéDé Dance is all about. During DéDé Classic, master pliés, relevés and pirouettes and imagine yourself a real prima-ballerina. You do this to piano music, as well as top 40 songs. Receive personal attention from our experienced dance teachers and get better every class! Everyone is welcome to join our dance family. 

Practical information

Dancing at DéDé Dance is for everyone. Whole generations went to dance ballet as small children and still dance here. For example, our ages vary between 1.5 and 62 at Danceballet. At Classic you may start from age 6 and Urban we teach from age 10. There is always a class and level that suits you. And so always a group where you dance with your peers. We also adapt the exercises and dancing accordingly. That way there is challenge every time, but you never find it too difficult.

Get inspired

Ballet at your level

Is it your long-held dream to become a professional ballerina and do you want to train very hard for it? Or do you just want to have fun with your girlfriends during classes? Our dance teachers always make sure you have fun, are challenged and keep up at your own pace. They make all the time for you and give lots of personal attention. 

Varied classical ballet classes
Your ballet classes never look the same. Even the barre and stretching exercises are different all the time. In fact, you are always practicing techniques and muscles that you will use during class. Is the choreography today full of jumps? Then we'll make sure your feet and arms are completely ready for that.

Practice your jumps
A well-executed jump or pirouette make you feel like you are floating. You will master the proper techniques for this during our diagonal exercises. Learn proper ways to jump, turn on the ball of your foot, move from A to B and keep balance. You pick up all kinds of step combinations and techniques that are reflected in the choreography.

Ballet music you like

A ballet class is not complete without classical music. With piano playing, you practice your pliés and jumps. In between, we put a fun twist on the lesson. You then dance to hip, contemporary music. In fact, some Top 40 songs are excellent for doing your ballet exercises to. This is how we keep our classes playful, fun and educational at the same time.

Participation classes
Your parents may feel how tough and intense your ballet class is. Let them sweat hard during participation classes. In this they practice pliés and foot positions with you. You may also sometimes invite your girlfriends to join you. This way we make classes even more fun and you give people a glimpse into your life as a ballerina.

DéDé Classic is your style if you love classical ballet, but are contemporary and want a modern way of being taught.


Work on posture and strength

During our classical ballet classes, you will learn to float across the dance floor. To make this look weightless, you have to have considerable strength. Therefore, you train numerous muscles. You also work on a beautiful, elegant and upright posture. Are you doing a good job? Then you will soon be doing the most difficult ballet exercises with a  book on your head. Keep practicing, it will work itself out!

Warm up muscles
The warm-up is perhaps the most important part of ballet class. As you loosen up your muscles, dancing becomes easier. You also have much more muscle strength and less muscle pain the day after. You will practice classical pliés, relevés and cambrés at the barre. You will also learn arm exercises that will ensure you stay balanced while dancing. The warm-up takes about ten minutes.

Work on your agility and technique
You leave the barre and it's time to practice your flexibility. In the center of the room, you perform a series of stretches while sitting, standing or lying down. For example, try touching your toes with your fingers while sitting. Or practice reclining splits. You will get better and better at this as the lessons progress.

Find the entire DéDé Dance Wear collection 
that you can wear to your dance class

If you want to dance, you can dance! Because dancing is the most fun way to move, relax and have fun together. At DéDé, we dance our own way and give each style our own twist. We have three different styles: Danceballet, Urban and Classic.

For families with a minimum income, support is available through Stichting Leergeld for the payment of contributions and/or sports clothing. Dancing together in DéDé Dance Wear not only means dancing, but also feeling truly connected to the group.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our collection now and find the outfit that suits you!


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Dancing on pointe

As a ballerina, you dream of dancing on pointe. We will prepare you for this during classes. The teacher keeps a close eye on how you develop yourself. After all, you need to get a lot of strength in your ankles, calves and feet. That also involves a lot of technology. If you practice enough and your feet are mature, then you may attend the special pointe class. This lasts half an hour and begins immediately after ballet class.

Our teachers and dance styles

Dance ballet is not the only class taught by the eighty teachers at DéDé Dance. Other dance forms are also covered. For example, there is a classical ballet class, also called Classic, for ballet enthusiasts. We also teach Urban dance. At our main location in Veldhoven, we also give Fiesta Workout for Latin lovers.

Which dance form suits you

  • DéDé Classic – Classic ballet à la 2024 with techniques from traditional classical ballet, complete with tendu’s, plies and piano music.
  • DéDé Danceballet – Talented teachers teach you a unique way to move. Not hip-hop, modern dance or street dance, but its own style bursting with energy.
  • DéDé Urban – Hip-hop, Afro and street dance: it all comes together in urban dance.
  • DéDé Fiesta Workout – Build fitness and strength during the workout and dance like a Latin American. With the movements from salsa, merengue and samba, you train all the muscle groups in your body.