Enjoy dancing at DéDé Dance: Dance ballet gives you energy

Dancing is all about having fun. The DéDé Dance Ballet formula feels that perfectly. Talented teachers teach you a unique way to move. Not hip-hop, modern dance or street dance, but its own style bursting with energy.

Practical information

Dancing at DéDé Dance is for everyone. Whole generations went to dance ballet as small children and still dance here. For example, our ages vary between 1.5 and 62 at Danceballet. At Classic you may start from age 6 and Urban we teach from age 10. There is always a class and level that suits you. And so always a group where you dance with your peers. We also adapt the exercises and dancing accordingly. That way there is challenge every time, but you never find it too difficult.

Get inspired

Improve your posture and become more limber

In class, we also always stop a slowdown. In it you work on your flexibility. Regain your breath at a slightly slower pace. Sitting or standing, we stretch the muscles. We also work on your dance posture: learn to sit and stand perfectly straight or learn to place your hands perfectly during those dance moves you perform in the second part of class.

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If you want to dance, you can dance! Because dancing is the most fun way to move, relax and have fun together. At DéDé, we dance our own way and give each style our own twist. We have three different styles: Danceballet, Urban and Classic.

Families with minimum income can apply to Leergeld for support in paying for membership fees and/or purchasing sportswear. 

Get on track with fat tracks

We adapt the music to each exercise. Your fitness we train to a song with a solid beat. This way you challenge yourself to get everything out of it. To improve agility, we choose a motivational number more often. Don't sit still and always dance to your favorite music, which we change three times a year. This way you always move uniquely to the latest hits. Dance exactly the way you like.

DéDé Danceballet is the style if you like a loose style.

Jamilla Vogels

Work on fitness and muscle building in the first half hour

To dance, you need to be in good shape. Therefore, in the first song after the warm-up, you perform exercises to improve your fitness and muscles. Always in a way that suits your level and age. We also put as many trends into the lessons as possible. Think of the catchy dance from the game Fortnite or the wildly popular Swish-swish dance we learned from Katy Perry.

Stay fit

In the condition number, we work with a basic pass that keeps coming back. Think jumping jacks or jumping lunges. You perform foot and arm combinations and don't stand still for a moment. That's how you get nice and tired. Afraid you won't keep it up? Not to worry, our instructor does motivate you to keep moving.

Our teachers and dance styles

Dance ballet is not the only class taught by the eighty teachers at DéDé Dance. Other dance forms are also covered. For example, there is a classical ballet class, also called Classic, for ballet enthusiasts. We also teach Urban dance. At our main location in Veldhoven, we also give Fiesta Workout for Latin lovers.

Which dance form suits you

  • DéDé Classic – Classic ballet à la 2024 with techniques from traditional classical ballet, complete with tendu’s, plies and piano music.
  • DéDé Danceballet – Talented teachers teach you a unique way to move. Not hip-hop, modern dance or street dance, but its own style bursting with energy.
  • DéDé Urban – Hip-hop, Afro and street dance: it all comes together in urban dance.
  • DéDé Fiesta Workout – Build fitness and strength during the workout and dance like a Latin American. With the movements from salsa, merengue and samba, you train all the muscle groups in your body.