Go wild with urban dance

Hip-hop, Afro and street dance: it all comes together at urban dance. The style is known for explosive movements and fast footwork. An energetic and tough attitude complete the dance. Dance rhythmically, smoothly and fluidly to urban music at DéDé Dance. 

Practical information

Dancing at DéDé Dance is for everyone. Whole generations went to dance ballet as small children and still dance here. For example, our ages vary between 1.5 and 62 at Danceballet. At Classic you may start from age 6 and Urban we teach from age 10. There is always a class and level that suits you. And so always a group where you dance with your peers. We also adapt the exercises and dancing accordingly. That way there is challenge every time, but you never find it too difficult.

Get inspired

Learn to dance to 
hip hop and rap

Get down with Bizzey and be who you are on Brotherly Love. The hits of these Dutch hip-hop groups cannot be missed in our urband dance classes. We combine all types of songs like non-Dutch language rap music and top 40 hits. This way we keep the classes diverse and you learn to dance to a variety of urban music styles.

All dance levels are welcome
Where your friend has been street dancing for years, you are only just coming around the corner. No problem! At DéDé Dance, we do not divide the groups by level, but by age. So you just take the classes with your friends. Don't be afraid that we are challenging you too little or too much. Our dance instructor adapts to each class and is flexible. Is it going too fast? Then she will help you with personal attention. Is it too easy? Then she picks up the pace nicely.

Having fun and working hard

Urban dance is not full of rules and structure. It's okay to be looser, chill and relaxed. We also continue this atmosphere in our classes. A joke in between, a quick chat and then on with the dancing is just fun. It's really about having fun. However, that does not take away from the fact that you walk out of the room sweating every class. In fact, urban dance can be called a real workout.

DéDé Urban is a style if you don't like rules and structure.

Work towards a 
cool urban choreography

In 10 weeks you work toward a complete choreography. Step by step, you learn a little bit each lesson. Eventually everything comes together and you have mastered complete choreography. Of course, you want to show off the result to everyone. Invite your parents and friends to the viewing class and perform in front of a real audience.

Extra attention
Anyone can make a slide to the right. But not everyone can do this rhythmically and fluently. Urban dance is all about the right flow. So in the lessons we pay a lot of attention to this. When a movement is still a little stiff, we take extra time to practice. This is how you will eventually master the true urban vibe.

Raging footwork
In one second, your feet have to make a lot of movements. And not only your feet, but also hands, arms, shoulders and head. This speed is characteristic of urban dance. This, of course, takes some time to learn. Especially indicate when things aren't going well or you don't understand the dance steps. Our dance instructor likes to give you personal attention so that you keep up well with the rest. 

Isolation exercises

The essence of urban dance
When you move your neck to the right, the trick is to send your shoulders the other way. For that, you have to learn to move body parts separately from each other. You practice this with isolation exercises. You may only move one body part at a time in this process. This is how you learn to figuratively release your hips, shoulders, chest and head from each other. And that is the essence of urban dance.

Isolation exercises and boot camp are part of the warm-up. That way we keep muscle soreness to a minimum. While warming up, you also practice urban movements, such as lock-in and slides. You will see these moves reflected in the choreography you will try out that class. That way you become familiar with the movements and pick it up faster.


Find the entire DéDé Dance Wear collection 
that you can wear to your dance class

If you want to dance, you can dance! Because dancing is the most fun way to move, relax and have fun together. At DéDé, we dance our own way and give each style our own twist. We have three different styles: Danceballet, Urban and Classic.

Families with minimum income can apply to Leergeld for support in paying for membership fees and/or purchasing sportswear. 

Train your fitness

Moving to fast rhythmic music takes a lot of your energy. Building up good fitness is therefore important. We'll help you with that, of course. Each class we challenge you in a short bootcamp. We'll train your endurance with push-ups, planks and squats. Also, these exercises contribute to your muscle strength. Don't panic; the bootcamp lasts no longer than 10 minutes.

Urban dance is inseparable from freestyling. You are therefore given the space to dance spontaneously, as your gut tells you. Above all, let your creativity run wild. Nothing is too crazy! Are you starting with urban dance? Then you don't have to freestyle right away. Do it at your own pace and take your time. When you are ready, so are we.

Our teachers and dance styles

Dance ballet is not the only class taught by the eighty teachers at DéDé Dance. Other dance forms are also covered. For example, there is a classical ballet class, also called Classic, for ballet enthusiasts. We also teach Urban dance. At our main location in Veldhoven, we also give Fiesta Workout for Latin lovers.

Which dance form suits you

  • DéDé Classic – Classic ballet à la 2024 with techniques from traditional classical ballet, complete with tendu’s, plies and piano music.
  • DéDé Danceballet – Talented teachers teach you a unique way to move. Not hip-hop, modern dance or street dance, but its own style bursting with energy.
  • DéDé Urban – Hip-hop, Afro and street dance: it all comes together in urban dance.
  • DéDé Fiesta Workout – Build fitness and strength during the workout and dance like a Latin American. With the movements from salsa, merengue and samba, you train all the muscle groups in your body.