Because we are DéDé

Because we are DéDé

DéDé dance lessons

If you want to dance, you can dance. Because dancing is simply the best way to exercise, relax and have fun! 

DéDé Dance has been introducing new dancestyles for over 40 years. We dance in our own way with our unique twist to all styles. DéDé Dance offers dancelessons in various dancestyles in 32 locations, so there's always a location near you! 

We dance together

Having fun while you dance is what matters most to us. That is why you're in a danceclass with your friends. It doesn't matter what level you are or how long you've been dancing, we think it is more important to dance together! Our teachers will just give you extra attention to help you learn the choreography or give you extra challenges if you are ready for it. That is why dancing is for everybody!

Improve your strength and endurance

To be able to dance, you need good endurance. So after warming up we start with sets of exercises to improve your strength and your fitness. All exercises are suited to your age and of course with the music you like! Every 13 weeks we change our routines so you will be challenged to improve everytime!


DéDé Danceballet

DéDé Danceballet

Get on track and energize yourself

Dancing is all about having fun and our DéDé Dance Danceballet-formula is all about that! It's not HipHop, not Modern Dance and no Streetdance but it's our own style bursting with energy. 

Every 13 weeks a new choreography

Our instructors teach our unique way of dancing. After warming-up and working on your fitness we start with repeating last weeks steps. We get back on track and start working on new moves to complete the choreography on today's music.

Free trial

You're welcome in all of 32 locations to give DéDé Danceballet a try! The first lesson is FREE. If you are between 2 and 5 years old, the first 3 lessons are free! 

Contact us and plan your first free lesson!

DéDé Classic

Classic ballet with a twist

For the full version click here.

Dreaming about becoming a Prima Ballerina or do you just want to master plies, relevés and pirouettes? Our professional instructors will teach you all the classic ballet moves and more! Of course we dance to pianomusic but we also use Top40 music. Join us, learn ballet but most of all have fun with your friends!

Pointe technique

Before you can start with pointe technique your feet have to be fully grown and trained. During class we start training and when you are ready, your instructor knows best, you'll be invited to the special class. This is half an hour directly after the regular ballet lessons.

Free trial

Release the ballerina in you and join us for a free lesson. You are welcome in Nuenen and Veldhoven! 

Contact us and plan your first free lesson!

DéDé Classic

DéDé Urban

DéDé Urban

Move your body

Hip-hop, Afro and Streetdance, all mixed up in DéDé Urban! Explosive movement and fast feet combined with a energetic and cool attitude. And yes, we like to dance to the latest Urban music.

Work hard, play harder! 

Urban dance is not about rules or structures. Be relaxed, chill and loosen up! Our lessons are like that. We fool around, have fun but still we leave tired and sweating. It's a one hour workout! 

Free trial

Is Urban totally your style? Give it a try! Boys and girls (10 years and older), men and women, everyone is welcome in Veldhoven, Helmond Brouwhuis and Nuenen!

Contact us and plan your first free lesson!

A new dance every 13 weeks

Whatever dance-class you choose, all DéDé lessons have the same, clear structure. The first half hour we train our fitness and strength. The second half hour you work on the choreography. At the end of 13 weeks the dance you learned is complete and you can invite your friends, parents and grandparents to come see your performance!


About us

Our instructors

Your instructor knows what dancing is, as they all have been dancing at DéDé Dance for years. Plus they had a professional training to become a qualified instructor. Now we have more than 80 instructors in 33 locations, all with a passion for dancing. That is why they can motivate you to be a dancer too, because everyone can dance!

Since 1976

From Dinky Dancers to DéDé Dance. In 1976 18 year old Marionne van Dam wanted to dance, but she didn't find what she was looking for! It just didn't exsist, so she created it herself. This special form of danceballet evolved into what it is today: A danceschool with 32 locations teaching everyone who wants to dance how to dance in DéDé style: From Urban to Classic and from Modern to Danceballet. 

Free trial

Interested in our lessons? You are welcome to join us, the first lesson is free. If you are between 2 and 5 years old, the first three lessons are free! Fill out this form and we'll contact you to plan your first class!

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Don't know which lesson to choose? Have a look at the timetable at your location for more information on the different trial lessons.

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