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DéDé Classic

Classic ballet with a twist

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Dreaming about becoming a Prima Ballerina or do you just want to master plies, relevés and pirouettes? Our professional instructors will teach you all the classic ballet moves and more! Of course we dance to pianomusic but we also use Top40 music. Join us, learn ballet but most of all have fun with your friends!

Ballet lessons at any level

Do want to become a professional ballet dancer and are you willing to train hard? Or do you just want to have a fun time with your friends?  Our professional dance instructors make sure that you enjoy your lessons, are challenged and make progress at your own pace. Our instructors take time and have personal attention for every dancer in class. 

Ballet music you enjoy

Classical music is the ultimate ballet lesson music. You practice your plies and jumps with classical music. But in between we also have music from Alica Keys and John Legend, to give our lessons a little twist. Some pop music fits our ballet practice perfectly! This way, our lessons are more fun and educational at the same time.

Show your moves

Every 13 week block, you learn a new choreography, made by our professional dance instructors. During lessons, you learn a new part of the dance and in the final week you practice the complete routine. Invite your family and friends and show them what you have been practicing so hard. You will blow them away! 

Train your strenght and posture

During our classical ballet lessons, you will learn to float across the dance floor, as if gravity has no impact on you. Do pull this off, you need quite a lot of strength. That is why you train so may muscles during your ballet lessons. In addition, you work on an elegant posture. If you try hard, you will be able to perform the most difficult ballet exercises balancing a book on your head! Keep trying, you will master it! 

Pointe technique

Before you can start with pointe technique your feet have to be fully grown and trained. During class we start training and when you are ready, your instructor knows best, you'll be invited to the special class. This is half an hour directly after the regular ballet lessons.

Free trial

Release the ballerina in you and join us for a free lesson. You are welcome in Nuenen and Veldhoven! 

Contact us and plan your first free lesson!


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